torstaina, huhtikuuta 10, 2008

Amnon Ben Itzhak - sakemannikentän toisinajattelija

Vihdoin alkaa tapahtua sakemannien ummehtuneessa ankkalammessa.
International Working German Shepherd Dog Club IWGSDC:n perustaja israelilainen Amnon Ben Itzhak on sakemannikentän toisinajattelija.
Allekirjoitan joka ikisen sanan hän artikkelissaan The goal - German Shepherd Dog.
Tässä kiteytettynä Itzhakin näkemys hänen omin sanoin:

The significance of Schutzhund and IPO is not real; they are carried out without any disturbances and in sterile conditions that are well known in advance. Also the tracking part of the test is not realistic; preparation of the track is not natural, the dog carries his nose too low, so that he can not perform tracking in a true manner. I would like to emphasize that I am not against the sport of Schutzhund, IPO, and others. I am very much opposed to those that claim that Schutzhund is a test of working dogs and/or defense dogs. These tests do not show the following
1. The mental stability of a dog in conditions of stress
2. Defense ability

3. Obedience in real life conditions

4. Complex nose work

5. Courage

6. Loyalty

7. Ability of the dog to deal with unfamiliar situations